Journey in hero of war

Journey in hero of war

The challenges faced on journeys cause an individual to learn more about themselves as well as the world around them. Discuss.
Discuss - points for and against, advantages and disadvantages

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The song 'Hero of War' by Rise Against, explores how the challenges faced on a journey can alter one's perception of decency and righteousness. The journey begins in the first verse with a masterfully painted image of a supercilious veteran telling a young man that service in the army is a worthy undertaking. This immediately sets a patriotic tone and is further emphasised by the second verse. The second verse states “We marched and we sang, we all became friends, as we learned how to fight'. The inclusion of words such as 'friends' and 'we' create a sense of unity However, this is somewhat ironic as it also includes the word 'fight' which is directly opposes the peacefulness that unity brings. This makes evident that the protagonists journey is symbolic of a country at warThe protagonists journey continues into the third verse where the lyrics become ominous and threatening “I kicked in the door, I yelled my commands, The children, they cried, But I got my man,” The powerful imagery in this quote signifies the protagonists transition from a young man who wanted to be a hero of his country to a man hell-bent on completing his ruthless war-tasks. This determination continues in the next verse when the protagonist

This verse leads into the chorus which is full of determined lyricism and exaggerated patriotism. It states “ I'll carry this flag, To the grave if I must” in this quote, the flag is symbolic of his country for which he would die in battle for.

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