Myths Within Films-Exploring a Heros Journey

Myths Within Films-Exploring a Heros Journey

American History X – A Hero's Journey

Contents Page

1. Cover Page

2. Contents Page

3. Introduction

4. The Film with Synopsis, A Hero's Journey

5. Separation – ‘The Ordinary World',

Departure – ‘The Call to Adventure'

6. ‘Refusal of Call'

7. ‘The Crossing of the Threshold', ‘The Belly of the Whale'

8. Initiation – ‘The Road to Trails', ‘The Meeting with the Goddess'

9. ‘Women as the Temptress'

10. ‘Atonement with the father', ‘Apotheosis', The Ultimate Boon'

11. Return – ‘Refusal of the Return', ‘The Magic Flight'

12. ‘Rescue from Without', ‘Freedom to live'

13. Archetypes – The Seven Journey Archetypes of American History X

15. Symbolism, mise-en-scene and use of sound, narrative, colour and lighting

17. Myths related to American History X

20. Conclusion

21. Bibliography and Word Count

Myths, Meanings and Movies

Explore the Concept of the Hero's Journey.

"The Greek word mythos refers to the spoken word or speech, but it also denotes a tale, story or narrative, different from the historic tale which is called logos and is regarded as verifiable." (

What is it about films that makes them link into ancient mythical ideologies, is it something that in buried into our subconscious? Films, as a medium, are the equivalent of one of the world's oldest art forms, the oral epic story that was told as myths in ancient civilisations such as Greece and Rome, Egypt and India. The morals of these ‘stories' where used in myths throughout time, now in modern era films and television provide the latest fact and fiction. The myth, oral epic, is traditional and formulaic. Films today give the audio-visual experience that is a form of entertainment and educational, just as myths were when they were the norm for information and morals.


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