Juust as Life Is

Juust as Life Is

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Chapter 5

Community Service.

“One-way help can destroy people and keep them in poverty. When you discover that you have something valuable to give to others, it can open so many doors. To help, to give, is a profound spiritual need. Every person wants to give—even those who literally have nothing to give you. By emphasizing the value of giving back, we also emphasize the responsibility to do so. Receiving young peoples’ gifts is the key to helping them find their own identity, meaning, and self-worth. The greatest gif you can give someone is to allow him or her to give something to you. There’s an incredible, precious thing that happens to young people when they find out they have a gift that someone else values. Students may be feeling all this hatred, hostility, and anger; and then suddenly they see that a gown-up wants to receive something from them. An adult values an ability or talent or gift of theirs.

Consider the effect on communities that, for generations, have been on the receiving end of impersonal, paternalistic “help” from various governmental sources” (Milliken 47-49). This kind of lifestyle makes the recipients eternally dependent on help from others. It takes away drive and initiative to excel.

“Giving back” is more than encouraging volunteerism, service-learning, or peer mentoring, although those things are extremely important. Community service must once again become a great American value” (Milliken 47-49).[1] For all the above reasons, we are making community service part of not only the senior project but also part of the educational experience of every student at New Horizons.

1. First, choose a service organization for which to volunteer.
Potential Documented Service Organizations

1. Mission
2. Salvation Army
3. Elementary School Partnering
4. Humane Society
5. Women’s Shelter
6. Neighborhood Clean-Up
7. Habitat For Humanity
8. Grace Clinic
9. Columbia Park Clean-Up

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