Letter to Peter

Letter to Peter

Paul Fakatselis December 19, 2007

Digital Audio I Final

This semester in Digital Audio I, I have learned several things that are beneficial to furthering my career as an audio engineer. Since the analogue (tape) world is a completely different language to me, it’s nice to know Purchase Conservatory of Music is up to date with all of the latest basic recording techniques that the people of our generation will face.

Some things I wish I had learned in Digital Audio I even though we learned plenty of these were Pro Tools shortcuts. I mean I know Peter, yourself you were even shocked to know some of the shortcuts yourself which meant some of them I guess can’t be found unless we read a 1000 page instruction manual. Those were basically the small gaps I had in my knowledge as far as Pro Tools knowledge. Personally, I have no complaints about your teaching style because it keeps me very entertained throughout the class.

All of the knowledge I acquired from Digital Audio I and my Studio Master Class has taught me how to be a more efficient engineer in terms of giving the performers more pleasant results to their ears in a much more timely fashion. I would say to incorporate more hands on and interactive features to the class but that is what Studio Master Class is for. Digital Audio I is a class designed to help students learn the knowledge, and apply it other places. Thank you again Peter for a great semester!

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