Love letter

Love letter

Are you ready to tolerate my presence daily?

Why do people more often refuse from official confirmation of their love, honey?

The reason may be in juvenile’s lack of knowledge in the issue of marriage and family. Therefore, entry into marriage is often unconscious step, whereby family problems occur and statistics mercilessly states plenty of divorces.

Do you mind premarital cohabitation?

Challenges faced men are finding helpmate, creating a family, and extending of the genus. However, guys and ladies prefer to “check their fillings’’. Sahib and Gu (2002) developed a model at which at least the initial motivation for premarital cohabitation is to learn about the quality of a potential marriage partner. Also, they affirm, “… it serves as an information collecting period during which potential partners can asses one another and decide if they should embark upon a formal marriage. At the end of this period of cohabitation, some unions progress to marriage while others are terminated’’ (Padma Rao Sahib & Xinhua Gu, 2002, p.262).

What is the future of institute of official marriage?

Most sociologists predict complete oblivion of institute of official marriage. Cherlin (2004) believes that marriage “has been transformed from a familiar and community institution to an individualized, choice-based achievement” (Cherlin, 2004, p.858). Indeed, stamp in passport does not affect anything, however, creates difficulties (organization of marriage, joint property obligations, long process of divorce). Nevertheless, traditionally family and official registration of relationships benefit to the prestige of men and women in society. Married men are more successful in career, more self-reliant and less prone to stress. Psychologically people feel most...

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