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Fire House Interview
1. What is your name and position and how long have you worked here?
Amber, 11 years in May.

2. Do you want a promotion and does the company encourage this? Why/why not?
No I don’t want a promotion, company offers promotion if someone shows interests, usually an employee wants to work a few hours make their money on tips and get out and not spend a lot of time dealing with all the other things a manager might.

3. Do employees generally adhere to company policies or are they inefficient?
There is a handbook for policies, rules are very straight forward and employees follow them.

4. Are employees trusted to discern how to handle situations as they come or do they rely on management to make day-to-day calls (such as correcting an order, offering discounts, etc.)?
Employees are given a manager code to take care of the problems that might arise as far as correcting an order or even offering a discount. The managers give us the power to make those types of decisions.

5. Does management have a clear understanding of day to day operations?
Yea, they are really good with that type of stuff.

6. Which restaurants are considered competition to this one?
Biggest one the billagio, pizza place, they seem to be taking a lot of business there.

7. Is the company trying to expand or move to a different location?
They are really slowing down at this new location compared to where we were (at El Paseo). They are looking to expand, but they want to probably go back to El Paseo. The reason we did so well at El Paseo was because we would stay open longer than the other restaurants, so all the workers getting out of work would come to the bar and just drink. As of now, the company takes employees to polo grounds when it’s season to have them work. Sadly, its owned by a different company so payroll is different, if one employee works an 8 hour shift in one spot and works another 8 hours in the...

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