Managing My Time

Managing My Time

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|Managing My Time |
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|CM225: College Comp. II for Business Majors |
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|5/4/2010 |
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Everyday my schedule is quite busy. I am either cleaning the house, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, playing and teaching my children, in and out of the house to paying bills, taking my fiancée to work and last but not least school. There are times that I forget about appointment dates and times. For example, this past Monday I almost forgot that I needed to take my four month old daughter for her shots. The sad part is that she has to catch up on her shots, because of the fact that I previously forgot about her last appointment. Just recently I got two tickets on my cars for not renewing my license plate sticker and city sticker. Being so forgetful has cost me time and money. Being forgetful is not the only issue. I have a problem with procrastination at times.

My solution to forgetting and procrastination is to put together a daily schedule on what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and what is priority. This is something that I used to do, but since I was laid off I became lazy in the aspect of writing out my daily routine. I will need to start setting up daily reminders on my cell phone for appointments. I will start writing on my eraser board in my kitchen, so that I can have a check off list on what needs to be done in the house. Anything that needs to be done...

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