Marketing of Services

Marketing of Services

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This report reviews the service encounter experiences with different service organization. The report reviews certain number of diaries experienced during the last 12 weeks.

The report analyses the sources and actions of the diaries entries that are divided into two categories namely satisfied and unsatisfied along with the managerial implications are mentioned for the analysis of the diary entries.

Service encounter in simple terms is the delivery of a service by a provider to a customer. This is the heart of service. Here it is the interaction between the customer and the service organization. These include the interaction with the employees, machines, physical facilities.

Analysis of the service encounters diaries

There are 9 diaries of service encounter. Out of the 9 entries 4 were very satisfied.

|Customization or Adaptability |Personalization involves using technology to accommodate the |
| |differences between individuals. Once confined mainly to the Web, it|
| |is increasingly becoming a factor in education, health care (i.e. |
| |personalized medicine), television, and in both "business to |
| |business" and "business to consumer" settings.All these service |
| |organizations employees were quite patient and readily listening to |
| |the consumers. |
|CRM or customer service |Customer relationship management is a broadly...

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