Marrying Someone Without Completely Knowing Him/Her

Marrying Someone Without Completely Knowing Him/Her

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Could you imagine having to marry someone without completely knowing them? In both aspects both fortunate and unfortunate there are people who are asked to be arranged. In my own experience I understand that my family in India have all been arranged and their marriages are going very well. After coming to America I believe that many aspects of my parents reasoning have changed due to cultural differences. Such as the idea of how most of the time we are not to be around anyone who wasn’t family In my family among those who are in India being arranged is more highly looked upon. They look at the families status. My parents do not expect me to get an arranged marriage but they also do not expect me to date around and find my “true love”. They always say how when the time is right I can find my future husband, but until then focus on school. When I actually heard these words coming out of my parents mouth it was a relief, to just know that nothing would be forced upon me.

In parts of India it was common that women were arranged and this still remains. This would basically depend on the family and their cultural or traditional importance’s. Some parents would accept marriages outside of arranged marriages whereas others would not. The main reason could have possibly been that the males family and the females family would look at the others status. Status was looked on basically on a families wealth and their possessions. Although to some of us this may

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seem abnormal, the fact is that this is not always a decision which is made by the family. This decision could be made from the people who would be getting married. In the past, weddings were decided through the parents depending on the class or status of their family. If a women was a lower class person it was very unlikely that a higher class male’s family would agree with the marriage. Although some people have the option of saying “no” to people that they meet, others don’t. Through this we...

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