Mass Media and Advertising Overview

Mass Media and Advertising Overview

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fhgn gAdvertising refers to the paid for promotion of goods and services, ideas by an identified sponsor. Among the many types of adverts is the print advert. A good print advert should have the following qualities:
· Should have a headline that attracts attention, comunicates benefits, and appeals to the self interst of the readers.
· The headline should also set the tone for the rest of the message.
· Should have good illustrations that capture attention and match the copy
· Should identify the sponsor or advertiser.
· Should show and not tell.
· The headline should be easy to remember.

The Zain advert is a good one because of the following reasons;
· It has a strong headline that grabs attention and makes the reader want to proceed and read the rest of the copy.
· The headline is simple and easy to remember.
· It has good illustration, Image and colour that commands attention even to someone at a distance.
· The copy and headline matches the illustrations.
· It shows rather than tells and thus makes it easier for a reader to understand what is being advertised.
· A reader is able to identify the sponsor or the advertiser because of the logo on top of the advert.Structural problems at Makerere University seem to be worsening each day despite the newly introduced develoment and technology charges aimed at a rectifying the melt down.
On Monday, Mass Communication final year students sitting for end of semister exams were forced to hand write online exam due to lack of fuel to run the generator following electricity black-out.
“Listen very well; the head of department says you write and edit the stories manually as we have no option”, Issa Agaba Mugabo, the lecturer who supervised the exam said.
The students were writting Newspaper Editing exam which has a three hour time...

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