Mcbride Financial Service

Mcbride Financial Service

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McBride Financial Services One Stop Mission Improvement

BSA 310

Iwona Rusin, Ph.D.

November 22, 2008

Evan Metheny

McBride Financial Service is a mortgage company that provides low cost mortgages to a wide range of customers throughout five main states; Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Their main market is to residences to professionals and recreational properties to families. Along with providing mortgage services, they also offer a package that includes: a credit report, home inspection, and appraisal. (Apollo, 2004)

McBride Financial is looking to offer low cost mortgage service through state of the art technology. In order to properly offer this state of the art service an analysis of competitors throughout the five states is needed. This data will allow the marketing department to properly assess the market, and the options available for advertisement. The competitors will be investigated on what share of the market they are specializing in and what services in comparison to McBride’s. This will greater help understand the market and its customers by exposing what the customers needs and wants are. This allows for full research of customers and the market. With the customer at the base of plans stimulates the company to be fresh and new in its tactics (Stengel, 2005). This will allow the company to fulfill these needs and grow on these values.

Being able to utilize these statistics and information about the market and its customers would require a marketing scheme based on them. Currently the company has implemented the following marketing tactics: TV ads, newspaper, radio, local realtors, flyers at airports, and billboards at tourist attractions. These all have been affective for the company, but being a state of the art mortgage company they have not taken advantage of the World Wide Web. They already have a website available to the customers, so implementing web advertisement would be easy...

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