Mcbride Maintenance and Change Control Plan

Mcbride Maintenance and Change Control Plan

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McBride’s Financial Services software and maintenance change control plan
University of Phoenix
January 19, 2009


To keep in scope of the software implementation for McBride, a Software Maintenance plan is essential. The Software program alone does not deteriorate. Therefore, the planning of software maintenance and change control becomes critical.
Defining the Software Maintenance Process and Resource Roles
Software maintenance is the amendments of enhancements, adaption of changes in data by deletion of addition capabilities derived on the operational environments internal and external entities, that result in the improvements, or adjustments of usability to meet the user’s needs. The software maintenance process is a long-term support tier for any and all computer-based business systems. In the age of computer automation and electronic commerce, many businesses have become dependent upon scalable and error proof software platforms. The ongoing support of these systems by the software manufacturer is crucial for the business owner, and the software's longevity.
Technical Support Team
The first tier of the software maintenance plan is the technical support team. The technical support team will handle all user-related questions, concerns, and problems. The main function is to isolate user errors from system errors. In the event of a user error causing an invalid procedure, the technical support representative will walk the user through the necessary steps to reach the customer's goal. In the event a program issue should arise and cannot be resolved by a technical support team, the team will award the problem to the development team. By using the technical support team as a filter, the company preserves its programmer resources by only involving them where the specific expertise is required.
Programming/Development Team
The second tier of the software maintenance plan is the programming/development team. Their primary...

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