Mgt 521

Mgt 521

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Self-Reflection Paper
University of Phoenix
February 16, 2009

Self-Reflection Paper
This course will help in solving many analytical problems. My goal is to become a manager of training and development within a large corporation. Along with the skills that will be acquired in (QRB) Quantitative Reasoning for Business, the functions of management will also be vital skills.
Management styles require many different tools to be successful. After carefully reviewing the Quantitative Reasoning for Business overview, I see how this will prepare me for future courses. This is an important class for me due to the fact that my quest is for an (MBA) Masters of Business Administration, focusing on leadership skills. The outline of this overview shows how all of the necessary tools will make decisions easier as a manager.
Math has always been a favorite subject of mine, but at times it has been very challenging. The equation for figuring your return on investment was most interesting. While reading through the entire document it was a refresher course and a flashback of my undergraduate journey.
The skills that will be learned in this course will also make other courses easier to handle. The (QRB) will prepare me for future courses; economics, finance, statistics and accounting. Operations and research will have a connection to economics. (QRB) will help give clear strategic directions when planning. The 9 steps of problem solving can be useful in forecasting data, identifying and assessing risk. I’ll be able to approach a problem and create a timeline to develop a solution and bring it to resolution.
In conclusion the (QRB) course will help me understand and utilize forecasting methods that are used in daily business operations. The concepts of finance, break-even analysis will all be better understood. The end result of the course is to be a more critical and analytical thinker, in making solid business...

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