Mission Statment

Mission Statment

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Personal Mission Statement

Section One: Your Role in your Education

In my Educational plan I am now working on my degree in Computer and Electronics. In five years I would like to have a career in PC Repair. Three obstacles that could prevent me from achieving my goals are finances, and how I will pay for school after I start working. Another obstacle is finding the time to study because I work third shift and I have three children at home. The last obstacle is working school around my family life.

Section Two: Problem Solving for Success

STEP 1-Research and Define the Problem using Present State and Desired State
In my present state I am working third shift and during the day I am jugling sleep, school work, and house chores. In my desired state I would like to make time to get it all done and still have time for my children.
STEP 2 - Determine the Cause(s) of the Problem
What? The problem is I can't find the time foe work, school, and my family life.
Who? This problem effects me, my family, my job, and my school.
When? It's reocuring everyday.
Why? Because I have to have a job to raise my children and I need school for a better career.
Step 3 - Generate Solutions by Brainstorming
By brainstorming I have figured out some solutions. Things that I could do is:
Cut down on overtime at my job.
Make out a schedual for my chores and school work.
Have my children help with some chores.
Sleep while my children are at school.
Step4-Decide on the best solution-Concider your want and needs.
Cutting down on my hours could help save a little time but that would't help my financial situation. Sleeping while my children are in school would allow me to have more time to spend time with them when they are home. I think making a schedual for the family would be the best solution.
Step 5 - Implement the Solution
The best solutions that I have came up with is to make a schedual and stick with it. I will make a schedual for chores and for...

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