Network design

Network design

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Week Two: Individual
Choosing a network management protocol
There are several network management protocols both for in-band and out-band management systems. To identify the best or suitable protocol for an organization it is important to consider factors like;
1. Type of communication
2. Ease of using
3. System configuration
4. Performance
The type of communication and network configuration to large extent determines the type of protocol to use for network management. The network architecture may be configured with incompatible devices with some protocols. Ease of use and performance will be determined by the programming experience and specific application within the network (Gonçalves, P., Oliveira, J., & Aguiar, R., 2012).
In-band and out-band network management
Having both in-band and out-band network management system is one of the best practices that International Plastics Inc., company can deploy. With an in-band systems for managing the network, the organization can manage all the network devices using common protocols like the SSH or telnet and the network will be the media for the management system. This will benefit the organization by providing access controls based on identity of users hence better security. Out-band systems will be deployed by having connecting an access server to each device’s management port. Access server in this case can have both public IP addresses and private IP addresses to monitor the access from each monitored device.
Protocols and software for in-band and out-band

Protocol/software solution
Effect on network traffic
Protocols include; SMTP and HTTP and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
These protocols will allow network’s control traffic to pass through the same channel as that of the main traffic. For instance, SMTP will allow control messages to be propagated in...

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