New System Proposal

New System Proposal

New System Proposal
Aaron Harris, Agostino Manfre, Christopher Chapman, Keith Riviere and Taisha Evans
June 23, 2014
Nellis Freeman

Riordan Manufacturing Inc. is a global plastics manufacturing company with corporate headquarters in San Jose, CA and three additional branch offices in Georgia, Michigan, and China. The company has 550 employees and records revenues of more than $1 billion. Team B is preparing a proposal for a new system for Riordan to use to improve its business. This paper will provide a full description of the new system, business requirements driving the need for the new system, information used in the system, and information security and ethical considerations.

Riordan has four locations that are geographically dispersed which proposes a concern for ensuring that employees are well informed and properly supported. The China location is the newest; however, there are plans to re-locate that branch in the next five years. The new system must be adaptable, provide opportunities to maintain quality controls, and contribute to the goal of offering reasonable training. Internal communications indicate that there is a desire to lower expenses on training using distance learning solutions, such as teleconferencing or e-learning. These new training strategies will introduce more bandwidth traffic and increase the need for mobile applications.

There is also a concern with data integrity and training on newly employed systems as some departments are not familiar with the appropriate processes for handling information. The information use of this system is to process application requests from financials to HR. This type of business will need a secured network. We propose Windows 7 and Windows Server 2010 since this is being used by most businesses and has been updated and the kinks have been removed. We also recommend upgrading Cisco WAN to the Cisco IWAN. We think this would be a good fit because Cisco networking...

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