New Company Proposal Memo - Building Proposal

New Company Proposal Memo - Building Proposal

Date: January 9, 2009
To: Full Committee
From: Leslie A. Arnold, Marketing Developer
Subject: New Company Proposal

This memo will allow me to give you all of my developments in the recruiting of a new company into our facility.
Based on the demands of all the companies in this building, I propose that Express Courier & Delivery set up an office in our building on a six-month trial basis.

The greatest advantage to Express Courier & Delivery will be the productivity in our companies and employees. I have reviewed many journals, and have concluded that we pay out thousands quarterly in overtime. Most of you have been running your own errands, and making postal deliveries. With this new company coming in we will no longer have to spend half of our day running errands. This company will take care of everything from software pick-up and drop-off to coffee runs.
Another important advantage is that we will have quality time to spend with our families versus being in the office making up loss hours.

The introduction of a new company, especially one of this kind, raises questions about how our budget can handle the added expenses. To address this concern, I have worked out a trial basis with this company. Express Courier & Delivery has agreed to lease on a six-month basis. At the end of there six-month lease we will review our budgets and review the performance of EC&D and will find that this company has been an advantage to all of us.

Customer and product confidentiality will be protected. EC&D has made assurances regarding the secure method of technology that they use. EC&D does thorough background checks on all its employees, and they have technology that will allow us to send and receive customer/client information electronically. All proprietary security programs have password access that is given to each company and is stored at their corporate location.

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