Notes on Skrzenecki

Notes on Skrzenecki

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Migrant hostel
• Migrant hostel is autobiographical.
• Migration: relocation from one place to another – a significant journey.
• Migration of birds is seasonal and suggests survival.

Statements about journey

• Journeys can cause isolation
• Journeys can leave people unsure about their future.
• Journey can be long and tedious.
• Journeys (physical) involve obstacles.
• Journey is an ongoing process.
• The process is more important than the destination.
• Journeys can lead to a new start.
• Journeys could cause/can be a negative experience.
• Journeys challenge the assumption that migrants who came to Australia found the Promised Land.

Migrant Hostel
Which lines indicate these migrants were “on route” and had not reached their destination?

• “Comings and goings”
• “Sudden departures”
• “For over 2 years we lived like birds of passage…”
• “Arrivals of newcomers in busloads from the station”
• “Sealed off the highway”

How does this refugee camp compare with a prison?

• “Sudden departures from adjoining blocks” gives prison like atmosphere.
• “A barrier at the maingate” suggests no escape, like a prison.

Explain the meaning of the similes of the birds.

• “Like a homing pigeon” suggests the migrants are seeking comfort and security
• “We lived like birds of passage” – always sensing a change in the weather
• “Unaware of whose track we would follow” – suggest on going journey, not quite the destination. Like birds migrating in different seasons. This is just one point/stop off in their journey.

The “barrier at the main gate” is personified. What human qualities is it given, and what is the effect?
• “Rose and fell like a finger” is given the personification of a person/finger lifting, and...

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