Nursing 505

Nursing 505

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The one thing I will remember about this course is do it correct the first time and with
quality. By using this thought process in my day to day task I shall be able to not only save time which is valuable but also improve the quality of my performance. I think by following this philosophy especially in the field of nursing can improve and impact all areas of our careers. This includes patient care, administration and teaching areas of nursing.

I am confused about how to train nurses to transform day to day nursing practice using the concept of being open-minded when providing patient care. Our personal thoughts and beliefs can often interfere with the quality of compassion and care we provide. According to the text in critical thinking tactics for nurses, open-minded is defined as a viewpoint characterized by being receptive to divergent views and sensitive to one’s biases. Simply by nature we all have bias views, learning how to not allow then to interfere with treatments and care can be difficult. I am having difficulty in finding non-confrontational ways to apply this information onto a working unit. In theory we are nurses and therefore people of understanding and compassion. We have a strong desire to help and aid patients in their care sometimes bias slows or conflicts with the patients desire. Placing this form of critical thinking into practice in a effective positive manner I find confusing and difficult.

What I am finding hardest right now is attempting to select a nursing theorist to completely or closely model my nursing career and practice. As I am sure many other students of nursing have faced this same issue at many times throughout a career. As a nursing student I followed the theory presented by Florence Nightingale. Then as I grow as a nurse and person I find that pieces of several theorist appeal to me. So as a relatively new nurse I am finding it hard to construct a fluid thought process to combine these theories inti my own....

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