Nursing Assistant Skills

Nursing Assistant Skills

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Nursing assistant skills are the basic areas that a nursing assistant will have to know in order to do their job effectively. The nursing assistant has a very important job because they have to update the nurses on the status of different patients throughout the day. Nursing assistants must be patient, kind, and quick thinkers.

Nursing Assistants provide care to people in a variety of medical settings. Nursing assistant skills vary from providing support to families to helping patients with their everyday tasks. One of the skills of a nursing assistant is being able to lift and transfer patients; without injuring the patient or themselves. They may have to move a patient to change linens, take the patient to a wheelchair, or take the patient into an entirely different room.

Another part of being a nursing assistant is being able to help the patient with personal hygiene. Some of the tasks that a patient may need help with can be toileting, eating, bathing, and putting clothing on. If a patient is able to do some of those things by themselves then the nursing assistant is there to support them in the task. Sometimes patients will try to do things that they should not be doing because of their health. The nursing assistant will step in and make sure that they do not harm themselves.

The nursing assistant skills also include taking and monitoring the vital signs of patients. This also includes taking blood pressure and keeping accurate records for each patient in their care. It is necessary for nursing assistant to maintain records because if they do not, it could be harmful to the patients they are monitoring. The nursing assistant must document every single thing that they do for the patient.

Nursing assistant skills also cover a great deal of cleaning. A nursing assistant may have to clean the area that a patient has occupied, clean linens, and a multitude of other things. They are trained to make sure that during the cleaning process, both them and...

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