The aim of the observation is to observe the emotional development of the child aged 0-1.

Background information.
Chronological age:9 months and 1 week.
Date of birth:02/06/2009.
Number of siblings:none
Leah lives with her mam in her grandmothers house.Leahs mam is a single parent and is still deciding whether or not to return to work on part time basis.Leah does not see her father as often as her mam would like.

Specified range of development areas.
To observe the emotional reactions of the child with reference to emotional developmental milestones.

Start time of observation:2.40pm.
The observation was carried out in leahs grandmothers home on the 05/03/2010.
Leah is sitting in a bouncer chair when I start the observation. She is kicking her legs and moving her arms and screeching excitedly when she sees me.I kneel down beside her and start playing peek-a-boo with her. Leah is giggling at me at first then she puts her two hands up to her eyes and plays peek-a-boo. Leahs mam takes her out of her bouncer chair to put her sitting on a play mat. When leahs mam tries to put her down on the mat leah starts to cry and holds on tightly to her mams shoulders.Leah is now sitting on the mat with her two hands held to her mam. Leahs mam gives her a teddy bear and presses the foot on the bear,the teddy starts singing a tune and leah immediately stops crying. When the tune is finished leahs mam claps her hands and leah imitates her by clapping her hands too. My handbag was beside my feet on the floor and leah wriggles her way over to it.She started to take things out of it. Her mam picked her up and walked to the kitchen with her. Leah was watching everything around her with interest.
End time of evaluation:3.05pm

Critical Evaluation.
The aim of the observation is to observe the social development of leah aged 9 months and 1 week.Date of birth 02/06/2009. According to developmental milestones a child of 9 months should be able to play...

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