Official Walkthrough Guide on Dark Sector

Official Walkthrough Guide on Dark Sector

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After the cutscene ends, proceed down the path to the low wall blocking the path in front of you. Press the action button and Hayden will vault over the wall. Turn to the left and head for the open window. Press the action button in front of the window to make Hayden vault through the window and into the office.

Proceed to the door with the large lock on it. Aim at the lock and shoot it. Proceed over to the door and press the action button to send Hayden through the door.

Proceed down the catwalk and the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, turn to the right towards the projection screen. Proceed to the second pillar on the right and to the side facing the garage doors. There you'll find a C4 icon. Advance to the icon and press the action button to plant the C4. Now turn to the right and proceed to the double doors. Proceed through the doors using the action prompt and turn left in the hallway. Proceed down the hallway and the stairs into the shower room. Advance through the shower room forward and to the right to encounter your first enemy. The Trooper is standing around the corner to the left.

Take cover along the wall to the left, before the corner, and aim at the Trooper to pull off a head shot. After dispatching the Trooper, proceed to the C4 icon on the support pillar to the right of his body. Place another C4 charge and continue along the hallway. Before the left turn at the end of the hallway, take cover along the left wall.

Aim at the Trooper standing in front of the alarm panel on the right side of the room and kill him. Then, a Trooper will run from the left side of the room to the right. If the trooper starts the alarm, just shoot it to disable it. Take him out and another Trooper will run around the corner at the far end of the room. Kill him, come out of cover by moving away from the wall, hug the left wall and proceed slowly into the room. There...

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