Oil press equipment squeeze oil sediment thorough solution

Oil press equipment squeeze oil sediment thorough solution

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Oil press equipment squeeze oil sediment thorough solution:

Whatever devices squeeze net oil or refined out of cooking oil in the container after a period of time can be natural precipitation, precipitation we are struggling for the methods and experiences are powerless.Both old-fashioned desulfurization method, and use more advanced centrifugal oil filter and horizontal screw type filter oil machine can give is clean, the precipitation of the pulp are so how to make the dregs of the precipitation is the main topics of the palm oil plant (http://www.palmmill.com) we do.

Say first oil press equipment can solve this problem, oil is the first link, the link is the foundation of our industry is called link, the dregs of many basic to this link.So to dross clean inevitably when it comes to oil, each squeezer has certain pitch and screw, and a shaft on the pitch of each squeezer from inlet to the discharging mouth gradually shortened, screw depth becomes shallow gradually, so the pressing chamber volume from import to export decrease gradually, after the billet material into the pressing chamber along the squeezer screw press (http://www.palmmill.com/Products/proc/41.html) propulsion to the exit, pressure increases gradually, thus the oil out in succession.Shim between strip and squeeze to form oil gap, squeeze out the oil flow out through the gap.Large spiral oil press equipment pressing cage is equipped with scraper, scrape form deep pressing chamber vats edge of the cage, on each range ring, in order to prevent material blank slip inside the pressing chamber, and prevent the billet, and to adjust the cake thickness, accordingly control pressing chamber pressure, reduce the rate of residual oil.

Stage, finally the cleaning stage is in fact the so-called oil processing, processing is dross and phospholipids and fatty acids for oil and wax, although the longer the storage time, the better, is a long time is to gild the lily, I'm afraid!With screen surface...

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