Operational and Financial Activities

Operational and Financial Activities

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• Manage the operational and financial activities of the department including staffing rank, accounts, and economic goals.
• Coordinate with manager for proper staffing
• Instruct and offer career development advice to staff
• Generate employee goals and conduct performance reviews
• Plan and carry out store meetings
• Responsible for scheduling, which will include: work assignments, training, employee breaks, stand-ins for absent employees, vacations, and shift changes.
• Help develop and prepare analysis and reports
• Communicate with owners, and vice presidents on store business.
• Experience in supervising duty and team activities.
• Ability to read and understand financial reports.(Typically, this is gained through a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and three to five years of managerial experience or a combination of experience and education)
• Bilingual is ideal
Key Manager/Store Leader

Job Description:

• Responsible for building creative in-store displays
• Providing exceptional customer service
• Schedule and conduct department meetings in the absence of store manager
• Responsible for coming up with display concepts and marketing
• Help develop and prepare analysis and reports
• Help conduct performance reviews
• Bilingual is ideal
• Bachelor’s degree or combination of experience and education.
• At least 2-3 years experience at the store
Department Head (Deli)
Job Description:
• Sociable, friendly person, who provides food and information in the stores
• Responsible for learning about the food products
• Responsible for planning and preparing foods daily
• Keeping inventory of fresh foods daily and ordering supplies for department
• High school graduate preferred and prior experience at Kudler’s food or other food service store.
Job Description:
• Participates in all phases of store business
• Bagging groceries
• Carrying out...

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