Operations Management Assignment

Operations Management Assignment

Assignment on Imaginary Product
P501 Managing Operations

Prepared for:
Dr. Muhammad Ziaulhaq Mamun
Professor, IBA, Dhaka University

Prepared by
Iffat Zumurrud
ID# RQ1403022

Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka
July 31, 2015

Dream Controlling Machine:

The Dream Controlling Machine is a device to be used as treatment to people suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia without any direct involvement of medicines. During the period of depression and anxiety, people tend to get less sleep and disturbing dreams or nightmares, which becomes a reason of their deteriorating mental and physical health. The Dream Controlling Machine will be creating a perfect ambience for slumber and through hypnotic suggestions, the patient will be directed into relaxing dreams instead of nightmares.

The machine will be consist of 2 separate but inter-related devices:
1. A Sleeping Pod
2. A Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Pod:

An eye-shaped sleeping and zone-out cocoon like fiberglass sleeping pods. It will have a comfortable bedding and dimmed lighting. Temperature will be adjusted as per the patient’s body temperature to induce slumber. As per the patient’s preference, there may be music or the pod may be kept silent.

Sleeping Mask:

A sleep mask designed with light, soft, breathable fabric with aerated foam inserts. Inside the foam inserts, there will be a chipset and six LEDs to control the patient through hypnotization. Depending on the patient’s brain wave and mental condition, the LEDs will be customized differently for each patient. The patient would have to use this mask while sleeping inside the sleeping pod, but this device may be used independently if required.

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