Organizational Structures in the Future

Organizational Structures in the Future

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Organizational structures in the future

Changes are getting increasingly turbulent, competition even tougher and the resources scarce and more expensive. Changes in the companies are manifesting in faster automation, computerization, better employment structure, new interpersonal relations and democratization of governance. New organizational forms such as T-organization, virtual organization, fractal and lean organizations have been developed. Organizational solutions like total quality management or reengineering business processes are being investigated constantly. Globalization in the business environment has a strong influence on the theory and practice of the organization, as well as the on work behavior of all employees within an organization. Strong competition is changing ways of organizing work.

There are still many areas for improvement in every organization. It is of primary importance to better understand modern types of organization and working environment. Through theoretical research on current business trends important conclusions can be reached and results implemented to reach substantial improvements in organization. Future research of business challenges as solutions of the problem in terms of organization will enable obtaining more convenient solutions in the business world. The difference between classical and modern organization is reflected only in the main focus of organizational principles, centralization and decentralization, deeper or shallower organizational structure, narrow or wide span of control, rigid or flexible structure, static or innovative organization, bureaucratic or organic structure, etc.

Future presentations of entreprises vary even in terms of graphics. In the new organizational businesses structures there are modes in which hierarchy is completely abolished and instead multidisciplinary teams are being created. As the basics of all the new trends in shaping organization is the information technology...

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