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Final Paper Outline
Carl Butler Jr.
ENG 125
Sarah Lahue
July 22, 2013

A. Thesis Statement
While women should know their role in marriage, it is important to realize that the current roles of gender and marriages have evolved from its primitive form in the early century.

II. Body paragraph #2- Topic Sentence #1
The comparison and contrast of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” written by James Thurber (1939), and the “Story of an Hour written by Chopin (1894),” depicts the trials often times associated with marriages as couples navigate their way to appropriate compromises. These compromises could sometimes be one sided positive actions per say, leaving the spouse who is lacking that emotional realm of justification to inwardly battle for that void fulfillment. In the both stories it almost seems as if though the only means by which desire or necessity can be satisfied or experienced, often times lies within the confines of one’s mind.
A. Supporting Evidence
"Not so fast! You're driving too fast!" said Mrs. Mitty. "What are you driving so fast for?" (Clugston, 2010) This was the first transition into reality that indicated Walter’s vivid imagination, which almost seem to be carried out into reality as so expressed by his wife’s remark. Walter was yearning for adventure but this energy was harnessed by his wife, in an effort to control his behavior and prolong harmony within their marriage. On the other hand in “The Story of an Hour,” Mrs. Mallard battles to control her emotions as the thought of confinement and desolation wanders within her mind. She realize that to see her husband again would be a grief stricken moment, but she also welcomed to thought of the many unknown and exciting years to come.
B. Explanation
Both of these stories reflect the need and wants that is missing within marriages, and with today’s aggressively technology infrastructure growth, the perfect marriages are vastly advertised as if to say “This is how a...

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