11. Introduction
a. Hook: In a nation built on freedom and acceptance wouldn’t you think people could marry the ones they love.
b. “ Because the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman” state how this is unfair and people should get to decide how closely they want to follow their religion
c. talk about how this is hypocritical of straight people

22. Till Death do we Part
a. When you get married, you’re making a promise to god to be with this person, no matter what, till death do you part
b. Bible says you have to stay married to death, not till any other circumstance but people have changed that rule and allowed for divorces
c. They also allow annulments which means that if people want they can claim the marriage never existed, so they are willing to bend on those rules

33. Union not Marriage
a. people who don’t support gay marriage say that they can’t marry but they can have a union
b. Allowing one set of humans to marry but the others can only have a union so one set gets unfair privileges.
c. Saying that gay people are like a second class couple, because the don’t get the same privileges. They only get to call their love a union not marriage.

44. Hypocrisies
a. If gay people can’t get married because the bible says so then you’ll need to stand fast by a whole lot of other things as well.
b. List things common things that people do that are against the bible
c. Gay marriage does not affect your life at all!
i. Leave them alone
ii. Worry about your own issues
iii. Jesus says “Don’t judge”

55. Conclusion
a. Thesis: Stop using religion as a reason to stop gay people from being married and look at your own hypocrisies
b. Everyone should be treated equally and have the same rights
c. Concluding...

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