Paul's Itinerary of His Three Missionary Travels

Paul's Itinerary of His Three Missionary Travels

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Paul's Itinerary of His Three Missionary Travels
Wendy Picone
Grand Canyon University

Paul's Itinerary of His Three Missionary Travels
First Missionary Journey
Sent on their way by the Holy Spirit, Paul, Barnabas and John travel to the coastal port of Seleucia and set sail for Salamis on Cyprus.( Acts13:4-12) Paul began preaching the Gospel in the Jewish synagogue there. As they traveled throughout the island of Cyprus, they continued to preach as they went. During this part of the journey they were opposed by a false prophet and sorcerer, a Jew named Bar-Jesus. This man called for Paul and his two companions to preach the Gospel to them with their main intention was to turn the Proconsul against them. Paul pronounced physical blindness on Elymas the sorcerer and being Lucius Sergius Paulus the proconsul at Paphos believed. Next Paul, Barnabas and John set sail for Perga in Asia Minor. Leaving Paul and Barnabas John returns to Jerusalem from here. Paul and Barnabas travel on to Antioch in Pisidia, not to be confused with Antioch in Syria. Paul continued his preaching in the synagogues declaring Jesus to be the Messiah. They were asked to preach the following Sabbath. Almost the entire city showed up to listen. Jewish leaders were jealous of the crowds and opposed them so Paul turned his attention to the Gentiles. (Acts 13:46-48). Jews persisted in stirring up the Jewish people until Paul and Barnabas were driven out of the region.
They next came to Iconiun and preached in the synagogue where both Gentiles and Jews in large numbers believed. Paul and Barnabas stayed here for a while to strengthen the brethren of believers because there was opposition from unbelieving Jews working to sway the Gentiles who believed. The next stop would be Lystra where Paul healed a cripple and was mistaken for Greek gods. Here in Lystra, young Timothy was converted.( Acts 16:1:20:4) who...

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