Physical Security Survey

Physical Security Survey

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The Bonnie & King Attorney Office has been a leader in wrongful death, personal injury, and malpractice lawsuits since 1981. Their office is located in a commercial area in downtown Ashtabula, Ohio in a moderate crime area. Their clients are usually workers at one of the many local industrial plants in the area. The building is a lone one story brick structure sitting at the end of a dead end street, a quarter of a mile from a series of strip malls.

Building physical security and operations security (OPSEC) plans for the building begins with an assessment of the area itself. (Ortmeier, 2005) Being located in a commercial area of town, there are consistent police patrols in the area. There is a police station within a mile of the office as well. The building is on flat terrain, a forested area behind it, blocked off by joining steel mesh fences behind all the neighboring businesses. There road ends, a few meters beyond the end of the road a forested valley lays below. The dead end allows only one route to enter and exit with a vehicle.

Local businesses light up much of the surrounding area, but the business to include the parking lot is too far away, staying extremely dark at night. Some of the front of the business is illuminated by the one street light nearby. Although there is a fence behind the office, there is no fence on the sides of front.

The sides of the building are decorated by gardens containing flower beds with no bushes. The windows are mediocre in size, able to be reached and opened from the bottom up. They are large enough for a reasonable sized person to enter. There is one glass front door and steel backdoor. Each is locked by a dead bolt. The office employs a silent security system from ADT. The security system relies on motion detectors.

The building has many flaws for fire prevention. Smoke detectors only sound within the building and do not alert the security system. There are no sprinklers in the building, nor is the office...

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