Praise Pastry Shop Start-Up

Praise Pastry Shop Start-Up

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From: Linda Stewart

To: Joey Dough

Re: Praise Pastry Shop Start-Up

Hi Joey,

I’d like to quickly go over some of the details of the Praise Pastry Shop start-up which will be located in Downtown Dallas. First of all, I like to stress that this new venture expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its vast selection of pastries, including not-so-traditional products. The company plans to build a strong market position in the downtown plaza due to the mild competitive climate in the area. Notwithstanding, I’ll be working along side your mother in the bakery for at least a year at first that’ll provide the excellent quality products consistently. With that in mind I can’t fail.
I understand that you have concerns about the amount of research and time that will be initially required for the start-up. Despite this initial effort, I am confident that you will soon enjoy the benefits of this business. Praise Pastry will be incorporated in the state of Texas and solely owned and managed by me. I plan to gradually add additional staff. Once your mother determines that her services are no longer needed, I intend to hire one full-time baker to assist me and two part-time pastry helpers to handle customer service and the day to day operations.
Although this will be my first business start-up, I realize to be a successful owner of a pastry shop, a person better be a terriffic baker (like your mom) by education and love. I am going to work in the business, therefore I know the hours will be very long. My research shows baking must be completed in the early hours of the morning in order to be able to serve freshly baked products. The pastries will be the specialty of the house, so the quality and product choices have to be a reasonable number. The customers will be willing to pay for something different as long as it is an exquisite, tasty and an experience. A pastry shop is a fairly high markup business and satisfied customers...

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