Pressure analyst

Pressure analyst

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Name: Austin

AV115 – D Chart 2 Exercise (10 points)
Constant Pressure Analysis Charts (300 mb and 500 mb)

Use Textbook, appendix page B-18, Chart 2 AW-D-18 file in CANVAS and the Constant Pressure Charts.pdf handout in the CANVAS Reference Material as a guide.

Click the Aviation Weather Web Page link at
Go to the Upper Air section. Click on the NWS Fax Charts link.
Under “1. Standard Barotropic Levels”, click on the 300 mb link. Right click on the Height/Isotach analysis (Continental US 00Z).
Highlight “Save Target As”. Save to your computer’s Desktop. Ensure filename is QHUA15.TIF
From your computer’s Desktop, open and display QHUA15.TIF. Print the 300 mb chart displayed.
Attach the 300 mb chart to this worksheet and answer the following questions:

1. According to the Chart AW-D-18 file in CANVAS, there are several different lines plotted and displayed on the 300 mb chart. What weather element do these lines represent AND what are these lines called?

a. Thin, Dashed Line: __Isotach lines which are lines of equal wind speed.

b. Solid Line: _Contour lines show the height of the prescribed pressure( i.e. 300mb are at 936m)___

c. Thick, Dashed Line: _Isotherm lines are lines of equal temperature__________________________

2. According to the Chart AW-D-18 file in CANVAS, on the 300 mb chart, list the three different types of observations displayed and also give the different symbols used to identify each type of observation:

a. _Aircraft observation depicted by a square at the beginning of the tail.____ _________________

b. _ Radiosonde observation depicted by a circle at the beginning of the tail...

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