Project Management Scheduling Resources and Costs

Project Management Scheduling Resources and Costs

Project Management
Scheduling Resources and Costs
Haeryip Sihombing
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)

BMFP 4542

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The Resource Problem
• Resources and Priorities
–Project network times are not a schedule until resources have been assigned.
• The implicit assumption is that resources will be available in the required amounts when needed. • Adding new projects requires making realistic judgments of resource availability and project durations.

Project Planning Process

–Cost estimates are not a budget until they have been time-phased.

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The Resource Problem (cont’d)
• Resource Smoothing (or Leveling)
–Involves attempting to even out varying demands on resources by using slack (delaying noncritical activities) to manage resource utilization when resources are adequate over the life of the project.

Types of Project Constraints
• Technical or Logic Constraints
–Constraints related to the networked sequence in which project activities must occur.

• Physical Constraints
–Activities that cannot occur in parallel or are affected p by contractual or environmental conditions.

• Resource-Constrained Scheduling
–The duration of a project may be increased by delaying the late start of some of its activities if resources are not adequate to meet peak demands.

• Resource Constraints
–The absence, shortage, or unique interrelationship and interaction characteristics of resources that require a particular sequencing of project activities.



Haeryip Sihombing


Constraint Examples

Kinds of Resource Constraints
• People • Materials • Equipment • W ki Working Capital C it l

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Classification of A Scheduling Problem
• Classification of Problem
–Using a priority matrix will help determine if the project is time or resource constrained.

Resource Allocation Methods
• Limiting Assumptions
–Splitting activities is not allowed—once an activity is start, it is carried to...

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