Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Question 1

What are the challenges or potential pitfalls in this situation?


The situation is kind of hostile because the members in the interview board have conflicting idea with each other. The also has question of the need and competence of the other board members. Mr. Hussam the HR director believes that he should conduct the interview because the doctors and supervisors do have the HRM background to do it effectively on there own.

Due to the high turnover rate of the hospital in the recent years the different recruiting departments lost confidence in the HR departments. Three departments that are recruiting are pediatrics department, trauma department and maternity department. The directors of these three departments want to interview personally those nurses who will work in their departments. They want to do that make sure those nurses that will be hired in their department are compatible with their respective departments.

On the other hand the nursing director believes that that the nurses should be selected in a different way. Thus the nursing directors want to be included in the interview process.

Moreover, the role of nurses is ambiguous. The nursing director, the head of departments and the nurses have regular arguments about the role of nurses. Since the role is unclear, the job description can be assumed to have flaws. If there are flaws in the job description, what the new nurses have to do will be unclear, this will create confusion among the nurses that will lead to dissatisfaction, which will end up with the nurses leaving the job. Thus it can be assumed the selection process will be a failure.

On top of that, since the HR directors, the head of departments, and the nursing director all wants to interview the nurses it is decided to carry out a panel selection interview. But the problem with panel selection interview is that it conducted by a team of interviewers, who together interview each candidate and then combine...

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