Psychological Anthropology: Critical Thinking

Psychological Anthropology: Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking 1

Critical Thinking Paper
Apryl M. Erwin
Ant 101
Ms. Marie Mika
September 1, 2008

Critical Thinking 2

Psychological anthropology is the study of individuals and their personalities and identities, within particular cultural contexts”(Miller, 2007 p.168) Identify two different cultures in the world.

The two different cultures in the world I identified is Korean (Korea) and Americans (United States). As you examine their traditions through various life stages you had to be open minded to the culture.

Until recent times, the death rate for children in Korea was extremely high. Those who lived, a 100th day celebration was given to celebrate the child’s life with prayer with longevity. Also, fore telling the child’s future.

One tradition for Korean infants is the 100th day celebration known as Bek-il. The 100th day mark is a time when extended families feted the arrival of the new baby and honor the parents. A small feast is prepared by relatives and friends. Rice, soups, rice cakes, wine and red
Critical Thinking 3

And black bean cakes. Tradition states that it steamed rice cakes is shared with 100 people at the feast so, the child will have a long life. From infancy to adulthood in the Korean culture the males are domiant figures. The Korean males are taught to be the head of the household. Like the Korean woman must follow in his footsteps.

Mostly this culture has changed traditions of life cycles because the couples are living without their parents in the household. Religion has a lot to do with this. Religion includes a wide variety of elements that shaped the...

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