Psychology Research Paper

Psychology Research Paper

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Imagine a relationship where you can have as much sex as you want with no emotions or strings attached! That is exactly what you would get with friends with benefits relationship. Are you willing to take the risk of developing feelings for the person and either being turned down or completely ruining your friendship? People report both positive and negative results with these kinds of relationships but it is up to you to take the risk on which result your relationship will have.

I would conduct a survey research method with questions asking about if they have ever had a relationship like that. If they did how was it? What did they do to keep it going? How long did it last? Is it still going on? If not, then how did it end? Are they still friends or is it awkward for them since they had sexual encounters?

Then I would compile all of the answers and put them into positive results and negative results. I would see which one outweighs the other; still putting both results in my paper but focusing on the greater results.
Being in a Friend with Benefits relationship may seem obvious on why you would want to do it. There is no commitment, sex whenever you want, there aren’t any emotions attached to the sex. Those are all good reasons on why you should experience a friend with benefits relationship. What about the negative sides to this type of relationship? What if you and the other person were really good friends and decided “why not have sex, were great friends and nothing can ruin that because I won’t develop feelings for them”. In all reality the chances of you have a friend with benefits relationship with someone and not developing feelings is slim to none; sex complicates everything and makes people develop feelings for each other. In this research I would like to put both aspects out there and let the reader decide for themselves whether it is worth it to be in a friend with benefits relationship or not. (Gusarova, Fraser...

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