psychology studies

psychology studies

Cognitive assumptions1. Cognitive psychologists
focus on an internal stage
(stimulus-info processingresponse)
2. These mental processes that
cognitive psychologists focus
on include memory,
perception, thinking and
3. The main assumption of the
cognitive approach is that
information received from
our senses is processed by
the brain and that this
processing directs how we
behave or at least justifies
how we behave the way that
we do.

Developmental assumptions1. A main assumption
therefore of the
developmental approach
is that cognitive,
emotional and
development is an
ongoing process and that
such changes result from
an interaction of nature
and nurture.
2. A strength of the
developmental approach
is that many studies in
this area are longitudinal
which means that they do
get to investigate changes
and how these changes
are influenced.

Social Psychology1. All behaviour occurs
within a social
context. A major
influence on people’s
behaviour, thoughts
and feelings are other
people and society
2. This area of
Psychology focuses
research on our social
behaviours. These
areas include helping,
conformity, prejudice,
aggression and

…social psychology1. One of the debates in
psychology is whether
an individual's
behaviour is a result of
their personality or
their social context.
2. According to social
psychologists our
behaviour is influenced
by the actual, imagined
or implied presence of
3. Social Psychology looks
at the influence of the
individual, the group,
the society and the
culture on individual’s

Individual differences1. The main assumption of
the individual differences
perspective is that to
understand the
complexity of human
behaviour and
experiences it necessary
to study the differences
between people rather
than those things that
we all have in common.
For example the
individual differences...

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