1. On average --------- people are killed at work each year this is
Approximately ----------- people every week

2. On average ----------- workers are seriously injured at work each year this is
Around one every ------- minutes a further ------- workers are off work for more than three days for less serious injuries every year.

3. On average ------- days each year are lost due to workplace injuries and ill health in the workplace.

4. On average -------- people leave the workforce each year never to return because of harm suffered in the workplace.
This equates to around ------- a month and ------- per week
5. On average ------- managers and directors are convicted each year
On average there are ------- cases brought each year and an average fine of £22,114 however fines over £100,000 are not uncommon.

6. In general ----- per cent of workplace incidents are preventable by good safety management.

7. In general a manager is ---------------- for the day to day management of health and safety risks.

8. Managers are ------------ for their actions and maybe required to explain them to others.

9. Effective health and safety management can save you money true or false
Here are some examples of the benefits reported:
. A saving of £12 for every £1 spent
. A 73% reduction in employee insurance claims
. 18% per cent fewer days lost to injuries
. A 50% per cent reduction in civil claims

10. Legally an employer must be insured for at least £-----------
The insurance industry pays out around £8 million a day for liability claims such as for accidents at work, Professional liability and injuries to public on commercial premises.

11. If a worker is injured and cannot work will the insurance cover all financial losses yes or no ---------- there are no financial penalties if you are injured and cannot work?

12. What is the cost of workplace injury and work-related ill health each year to British society as a whole....

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