Races in My Community

Races in My Community

Race in My Community

By Ta-Naya Rawlins

Axia College Online
Ethics 125

All my life I was always different, and I know the reason is because I am Jewish in a non-Jewish community. Most people in my community look like me, because I do not have most of the characteristics of the typical Jewish person. My grandmother is completely Jewish, and her husband was full blooded German. I know this was not common but it happened anyway. Trust me this presented a huge problem for them both with their parents it just goes to show you that even in times when it was looked down upon and even punishable by death Love will win out in the end, and I am glad it did in this case. My mother being half Jewish and half German married a man of English decent and that’s where I got my features. I have blonde hair and blue eyes which is not typical of most Jews. My kids are split my son looks like me while daughter has more of the Jewish characteristics, she has the dark hair the dark eyes, and she looks identical to my grandmother’s baby pictures. This is weird in the sense that her father is also White and has German decent. I have never really followed a certain faith so to speak, my grandmother was a practicing Jew, My grandfather was a devout catholic, my dads parents are both very southern Baptist. My mother, after she moved here and settled in thought she would best be suited for the Seventh-day Advantest religion. She still respected her Jewish heritage and my grandmother’s beliefs; we still celebrated our holy days with my grandmother and say our prayers as was suggested highly by my grandmother. You can see where I have an issue of where I fit in. I have always found my Jewish heritage very amazing and have followed the lifestyle as best a possible. I love to listen to stories of my grandmother’s life growing up, and I also have recently found out through some family history that I had a relative who was killed in Auschwitz. This is a very rough subject for my...

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