Rapeseed oil mill equipment is a good or a hydraulic screw well

Rapeseed oil mill equipment is a good or a hydraulic screw well

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Rapeseed oil mill equipment is a good or a hydraulic screw well:

Rapeseed harvest is coming, which is associated with rapeseed oil press equipment.But a lot of investment for the first time of rapeseed crushing customer does not know how to choose.A lot of friends are wondering: rapeseed oil press equipment hydraulic pressure is the use a screw or the use?What kind of oil effect is more ideal?
Small make up today to give you explain what the rapeseed oil press equipment with which kind of machine squeeze.How to extract the effect is more ideal.

We first to analyze the different of hydraulic screw press and:

Screw press (http://www.palmmill.com/Products/proc/41.html) USES a multistage propulsion.After processing of rapeseed by hopper into the pressing chamber, the rotating cage bar of rapeseed pushed forward continuously.Vats of high pressure within the chamber and the extrusion promoted the rapeseed oil.Because of rapeseed is constantly turning movement in the pressing chamber, so the oil more thoroughly.Is pushed and spiral oil press equipment multistage made to the process of the rapeseed oil squeeze continuity of production;The principle of hydraulic oil is mainly rely on pressure on rapeseed extrusion force out of oil.Hydraulic oil restricted by cylinder.Every time the charging 6-8 kg, and not for continuity of production.Therefore suitable for oil content is higher, and the operation of the production of smaller.

General customer for rapeseed crushing, oil vendors would would recommend spiral of rapeseed oil pressing station (http://www.palmmill.com/Products/proc/) equipment.For two reasons: first, a spiral rapeseed oil press equipment can produce continuity of operations, a preheating can processing 24 hours continuously;Second, the spiral oil press equipment USES a multistage propulsion mode, the oil more thoroughly, more oil.

Worth mentioning is that what we call the rapeseed oil press equipment suitable for choose the screw is not to...

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