Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

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Recruitment and Selection
HRM – 531 Human Capital Management
March 31, 2014
Carol Jackett

Recruitment and Selection
Landslide Limousine has a desire to become the provider of first-class limousine service in the Austin, Texas area. One of the first steps in accomplishing this goal will require hiring the right employees that will be capable and willing to provide the first-class service that is desired by Mr. Stonefield. According to Cascio (2013), “recruitment is an important component of the staffing supply chain” (p. 201). Poor choices in the hiring process can lead to many issues for any business, but especially a new start-up business.
Organizational Goals
Mr. Stonefield has made his desire known that he would like to be a transportation service that provides first-class service. The vision that he has for Landslide Limousine helps guide the organizational goals for the company. Landslide Limousine has an expected annual net revenue of -$50,000 for the first year of operations, although Mr. Stonefield expects the annual growth will be -5%. This growth will allow Mr. Stonefield the opportunity to continue to grow his business, while making sure that the organizational goal of providing first-class service is given to the customers.
Forecasted Demographic Changes
According to Robinson (n.d.), “the theme of ethnic change and diversification is a common one throughout the Top Ten, and yet each point addressing the issue highlights a particular aspect of ethnic change significant in its own right” (para. 2). The largest demographic change that is expected to take place within the city of Austin, Texas resides in the fact that no longer will there be a majority race. Not one demographic group will exist as a majority of the city’s population. This trend will provide Landslide Limousine with the realization that not one demographic can be preferred or should be hired over...

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