Rethinking the Ways of Critical Thinking

Rethinking the Ways of Critical Thinking

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After reading Lynch’s essay, “Rethinking Critical Thinking – Values and Attitudes,” I began to understand and agree with his definition of “critical thinking.” Within in his essay he brings a new definition to the meaning of “critical thinking” and what I believe to be a more important way to think of “critical thinking.”

In the last paragraph he states, “Critical thinking, then, is not a merely logical exercise, but a practice richly imbued with a set of values and attitudes.” I truly believe this statement because one learns from past experiences. The experiences that one may go through, gives them a reason to think why this happened. Should they encounter the same situation again their attitude will change from the previous experience. They may become more empathetic to the people involved and take a different perspective of the situation at hand. Instead of judging someone they take the time to listen to and hear them out. When I was younger I use to do mission trips. On my very first mission trip it was very hard not to judge the people that were being helped. I did not understand how they could put themselves into the positions they were in. After doing these mission trips yearly for about three years I realized I had to take another perspective. I truly had to listen to them and not look at what was in front of me.

I consider I have become one who takes Lynch’s approach to critical thinking. I believe I take the time to understand the different situations and outcomes that may occur.

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