Sample Agenda

Sample Agenda

Sample Agenda

Meeting goal: To review updates from committees and make a decision about donating to the school-volunteer program.

I. Finalize meeting agenda

II. Discussion items
A. What are the problems with our new work report system?
B. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the new product team proposal (distributed by e-mail)?

III. Action items
A. Approve new personnel policy (distributed by e-mail).
B. Make a decision about the following issue: Should we donate $5,000 to school-volunteer program?

IV. Information items
A. New employee orientation report
B. Planning committee report
C. Finance committee report
D. Announcements

V. Summarize action that needs to be taken after today’s meeting.

1. Determine your meeting goals.
2. Identify what needs to be discussed to achieve the goals.
3. Organize the agenda items to achieve the goals.

However, the middle of the meeting is reserved for the most challenging or controversial issues. The opening and closing of the meeting include more routine or less vital issues.

Your discussion items should be questions you would want to ask in the meeting to get the rest of the members feedback on before proceeding with the process. Your action items should be questions you would want to ask in the meeting so that you can take action immediately after the meeting is adjourned. Information items should be items you would want to deliver to the team so that they are up to date on what is going on for example, if HR has sent in an updated version of the policy and procedures you should make copies and give them to the team immediately so that they will know what has changed.

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