Scholarship Essay - Future on Culinary Arts

Scholarship Essay - Future on Culinary Arts

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Manuli 1

Joseph Manuli

Mrs. Kampa

English 909

19 September 2009

As a future chef and business owner, my success, in part, relies on receiving a

scholarship. To receive the funds from a scholarship will alleviate my financial concerns,

and will allow me to allow me to concentrate on the requirements needed to obtain my

degree in Culinary Arts.

As a graduate of East High School, I finished with a 3.5 grade point average.

During high school my primary focus was on athletics, such as football, baseball, and

basketball. Some of my extra curricular activities included: playing bass guitar in a

band, restoring classic cars with family members, as well as volunteering at homeless

shelters and soup kitchens in Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

Being a resident of Pueblo, I have had a great deal of experience in the work

field. I was employed at the Trane Company for three years as a fin press operator,

which I thoroughly enjoyed. While employed at Colorado Saw and Tool, I began my

career as a machinist apprentice and worked my way up to quality control supervisor

and assistant foreman. I have vast experience in the food service industry, such as prep

cooking while employed at the Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant. Working my way up

the ladder as a prep cook, I had the privilege of being trained by the Head Chef. He

taught me the basic fundamentals of cooking as well as sanitation.

Manuli 2

Currently, I am enrolled at the Pueblo Community College. My goal for my

college career is to get an Associates Degree with a major in Culinary Arts, and a minor

in Business Management. I have other responsibilities in my life. I am a single father of

three children who are, ages 7, 10, and 13. I take great pride in being an involved father.

Many of the activities I do with my children include: watching them participate in

athletics, and helping them excel in all aspects of academics....

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