Scholarship Essay Soph Year

Scholarship Essay Soph Year

1. Essay of approximately 500 words that highlights your accomplishments and intellectual interest. Describe any extracurricular or volunteer activities, especially those related to your academic pursuits.

Science has always been a passion of mine, and medicine in particular has become increasingly interesting to me. I have always wanted to improve the lives of others and I feel most drawn to research that has some application to human existence. After undergraduate school, I plan on pursuing either graduate research in biochemistry or genetics or applying to one of the MD/PhD programs that I’ve learned about from my sister, a physician. She is very encouraging and we get into some interesting discussions about things she’s working on or research she knows about. I’ve always had the drive to question things.

Building things is another passion - i.e models, electronic things from kits, and repairing and building computers with my older brother who is a systems analyst. In my senior summer I attended a program, “Robotics for High School Students,” at Michigan State University where I built a robot that could perform mechanical and navigational tasks. In anticipation of participating in some research as an undergraduate, I have completed Bio194S and regularly attend the freshman biology seminars. My advisor suggested that during my sophomore year I apply to work with one of the professors whose research I have been following.

I believe I am an asset to the student community because of my open-mindedness and compassion. I often make large groups of people, even those with diverse backgrounds and ages, feel comfortable very quickly and I’m seen as a “good friend.” I am someone people can turn to and I’ve been known to help diffuse difficult situations easily with empathy and humor. I have tutored a student with ADHD, have been a summer counselor for children ages 5-14 at PaliAdventures and I think I would make a good resident advisor or...

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