School Vouchers to Those in Need

School Vouchers to Those in Need

School Vouchers

Everywhere today education is very much needed, without an education people today will most likely not get anywhere without it you will not be able to get a job. No one will succeed with out their education. When it comes to it lots of people today with out one would have to go back to school to get their degree, if they weren’t able to get an education back when it was provided for them or they had dropped out of school.

People have different views on what schools their kids should attend. From public school to private, boarding, and Catholic schools. All schools give all students the same education, unless it has to do something with religion. Some schools are different with the way they teach their schools and the way they want the students to dress. Some schools support different race more then others. Also some schools are bigger then others. Most of the time kids in public schools don’t the attention from the teacher like in private, boarding and Catholic schools. From experience public school teachers have so many kids in their class they sometimes can’t give on student one one time.

Some parents can’t send their kids to certain schools. Either because of the religion, the area or community where the school is, or they cant afford to send them to that one specific school. Parents though should have the right to send their child to any school of their choice with no problems stopping them. The schools today that cost money to go to are private schools, and colleges of course. For parents to send their child to a private school, some are given something called a school voucher, which is something given to the family which pays the cost of the tuition at the private school. This program was developed due to failure of public schools in many urban areas of the country.

It is said to be known that for kids from families on public assistance, the graduation rate is 15 percent. The graduation rate from the private schools are 90...

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