Share You One Main Superiority of Rod Grinder

Share You One Main Superiority of Rod Grinder

Rod mill, which is a top grinding equipment widely used in concentrating, artificial sand making, chemical and power sectors, is named by the grinding loaded bars in cylinder body ,is also known as rog grinder and rod grinding mill. And today we will Share You One Main Superiority of Rod Grinder.

Rod mill is line contact, ball mill as the point contact; grinding Rod mill product granularity uniform than ball mill, ceramic ball mill product particle size smaller, fine;Ball mill size distribution of accumulation efficiency is higher than that of rod mill;The wear rate of rods is lower than the wear rate of the ball, daily maintenance to constantly add a certain amount of the ball, and bar only need over a period of time to check and change; Ceramics Ball mill power consumption was slightly greater than the rod mill; Rod grinding mill equipment adopts advanced controllable front-rear rod grinding mill technology, combined with actual user of grinding materials with suitable grinding medium, a line contact, instead of traditional ball mill contact for grinding rod mill equipment discharging fineness for simple adjustments can change discharging granularity, inside decorate fineness control device, discharge can add screening device, two checks, bar sand grinding machine with dry and wet two forms are available, the user can need according to oneself to choose and buy.

Coal water slurry preparation now as most of them from previous for rod mill, ball mill in bayer process alumina production raw material slurry preparation with rod mill, ball mills and production technology of cyclone combination, widely used in the concentrator is ball mill and rod mill grinding equipment. Rod grinding mill is commonly used artificial sand making equipment, smashing too often less as one great superiority.

And we also have other mining machines, such as stone crusher plant, granite crusher and secondary wheel mobile impact crusher, hammering machine and so on. If you have...

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