Shoplifting - Essay 2

Shoplifting - Essay 2

Bmcc Richard Brouard


Target is a well known store and a lot of people go there to shop everyday so the

Merchants that own target have to deal with problems such as shoplifting or kids that are

Look for little things to steal around the store that would not be noticed shop lifting is a

Very big problem for stores that have so many floors and sections in them such as target.

The first idea that would be good for target to use to reduce shoplifting without

Making shoppers feel like criminals is anybody that walks into target with more than

Two shopping bags has to leave their things with somebody and get a special number

So when this persons return they can get their bags back and leave this would prevent

Shoplifting by for example people would not be able to slip stolen items into their bags

And this would also prevent from people having to be checked before they leave target

Because their bags would have already been watched by the doorman.

The second idea that can reduce shoplifting without making shoppers feel like criminals

Is hidden cameras should be placed in each section of target and have somebody to watch

The cameras screens all day to make sure that nobody isn’t steal or doing anything wrong

In the store for example since the cameras are all hidden the customers will not even know

That they are there so it wouldn’t make them feel like criminals and another example is that

If anybody does steal they couldn’t not deny it because they were caught red handed on the


The third idea that can reduce shoplifting at target would be to make a rule that a

Person will not be aloud to shop at target without keeping all of the shopping items in a shopping cart or basket and if anybody refuses to follow this rule then he or she will be

Asked to leave target in a quiet manner this...

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