Shud Rivers B Nationalised?

Shud Rivers B Nationalised?

What the Indian farmer needs today is not free doles , but just help to facilitate his occupation. He must have the security of adequate and timely supply of water.To ensure this i would suggest that nationalization of rivers is a must. Water should be a national property , and no state or group or area should claim the first right of use.

The decades-long dispute between the two neighbouring States of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has reached a flashpoint with the issue before the Supreme Court. Despite court orders and the Prime Minister’s mediation on the issue, Karnataka has stopped the flow of Cauvery river water to Tamil Nadu on the ground that the farmers on its side were agitated and one of them even committed suicide when the waters were let off from the reservoir.

River water irrigates thousands and thousands of acres of farmland. It is the life source for farmers and their families. Due to lack of water, crops will die & people will go hungry. The river dispute will only result in more violence. This will result in more and more of violence. Like the one which took place when Karnataka State Chief Minister Bangarappa refused the to follow the instructions of Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal which instructed Karnataka to release 205 TMC feet of water to Tamil Nadu for the year beginning July 1, 1991. He organized a statewide strike on December 13, 1991 to protest. The strike turned into an orgy of violence against Tamils living in the state and continued for over two weeks. Tamils were beaten, tortured,and murdered; their houses were looted and burned.

All the rivers, lakes and waterways should be nationalized so that you can hit two birds with the same stone by eliminating inter state water disputes and link of all the rivers.

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