GCE AS/A level 1351/01 SOCIOLOGY - SY1

ADDITIONAL MATERIALS In addition to this examination paper, you will need a 12 page answer book. INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Answer question 1 and one other question. You are advised to divide your time according to the mark allocation given. Write your answers in the separate answer book provided. INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES The number of marks is given in brackets at the end of each question or part-question. You are reminded that assessment will take into account the quality of written communication used in your answers. Credit will be given for reference to recent public debate and research publications.


2 Compulsory 1. Look at the item below and answer the following questions.

The Welsh Flag
At any particular time in history, it is possible to identify national and cultural identities. National identities are demonstrated by flags, costume, language and symbols which are important features of culture. People translate their shared culture into norms of behaviour, such as wearing their national dress or waving their national flag. Culture is passed from one generation to the next by families, schools and other institutions. Dress is a typical way of demonstrating shared culture and identity but language and other behaviours can also be used for this purpose.

(a) (b)

With reference to the item and your own knowledge, explain the meaning of the term culture. [5] Using material from the item and your own knowledge, describe and explain the ways in which any two agents of socialisation can influence behaviour. [10]


3 Choose one question from the following options:

Either, 2. Families and culture (a) (b) Outline and explain the variety of family types in contemporary society. Assess the view that the nuclear family can have a negative effect on its members. [15] [30]

Or, 3. Youth cultures (a) (b) Outline and explain the reasons why...

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